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Getting started with your bank account

Sending and saving money has never been easier. Keep your money safe with online banking and the Sparkasse app. Enjoy excellent conditions, a wide variety of services and even expert advice at your Berliner Sparkasse.

You have any questions? We'll be happy to advise you in person, so book an appointment online or simply give us a call.

  • Modern online banking with a high security level thanks to two-factor authentication procedures
  • Access to your money at any time with the free Sparkasse app  
  • Get push notifications on account activity
  • Free cash withdrawals from Germany’s largest ATM network  
  • Participate in eCommerce by adding a credit card to your account
  • Save bank statements online


Choose the account type that fits you best.

Giro Digital

  • Account management fee of € 4,95 per month
  • Online account
  • Free mobile banking with the Sparkasse app

Young Account

  • Free account for students and trainees between the 18th and 25th birthday
  • All inclusive
  • Use online-banking and in-branch services

Documents needed to open your bank account

  • ID card or passport
  • Registration of your residence  [Meldebescheinigung/Anmeldung] issued by city hall (Bürgeramt)
  • German tax ID number [Steueridentifikationsnummer] issued by the taxation authority (Finanzamt)

If applicable:

  • Residence permit [Aufenthaltserlaubnis] issued by the immigration office (Ausländerbehörde)
  • Employment contract

Additional documents for students:

  • Proof of home address
  • Foreign Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  • Certificate of enrolment

Important information: Please note that the contract language is German. A consultation in your native language is not always possible. If required, you should bring someone along to translate. 

Five special branches for expats in Berlin

Please make an appointment if you would like to get in touch with one of our five special branches for expats.

Blocking account (not offered)

Currently Berliner Sparkasse does not offer one of these accounts.


Basic Feature of your current account


The perfect match to your current account

Credit cards – smart travel and online shopping

For those who like to travel or shop online. With Berliner Sparkasse credit cards, this is simple and, above all, secure. Here you will find an overview of both variants.

Important note: In contrast to many other countries, Germany has two bank cards. These two cards have different functions and you should pay attention to which card you use where to avoid fees.

Online-Banking and Apps 

Use online-banking and have full control over your bank account. No matter when and where, you always know what is going on, even on holidays. Safe and secure access from your PC, smartphone or tablet computer is assured.

Sparkasse app

Keep track of your finances when and wherever you need to. With many services and features.

pushTAN app

Get the TAN that you need for your banking directly to your mobile phone.

Britische Flagge

Find Tutorials in English

Do you need help with your online banking? Simply use our clear step-by-step instructions.

Internet safety

Internet safety 

All it takes to make your online banking as safe as possible and to protect your account from unauthorised access is staying on top of the latest safety alerts and following a few simple rules.

Digital rental aplication

Housy rental application for your new apartment

Documents that convince every landlord. Get your dream apartment faster with Housy and Berliner Sparkasse.

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