Your digital rental application: Documents that convince every landlord

Get your dream apartment quicker: Thanks to Housy and Berliner Sparkasse, you can create your complete, verified digital rental application with just a few clicks. The digital rental application offers benefits for you and your future landlord alike. It’s created in just a few minutes and offers all the relevant documents in one place. This is how you easily convince your next landlord.

Digital rental application

A fair one-time payment.

You pay for your digital rental application easily and just once online. No registration, no hidden subscriptions, no data trading – your information belongs to you alone. Got a voucher? Don't forget to say so during checkout!

One click – a clear overview.

For the Housy rental application to confirm the relevant data about your salary and rent payments to the landlord, you just need to link it to your bank account once. Don't worry – the algorithm filters out only the numbers that really count. 100% secure and encrypted.

Download. Apply!

After just two minutes, you can email your finished PDF rental application to landlords, print it out or upload it to Housy. Or you can bring it with you to your viewing the old-fashioned way – fill it out, print it out, file it and you're done.

The benefits of your digital Housy rental application

  • Save time, money and stress.
  • No hassle with former landlords or employers.
  • 100% encrypted, GDPR-compliant provision of all important data.
  • Verified, tamper-proof salary certificate and proof of rent payment. 
  • Can be checked online for authenticity and currentness in just two minutes.
  • Security you can trust, provided by Berliner Sparkasse. 
  • All your documents are already available at your viewing.
  • No registration, no hidden subscriptions, no data trading – your information belongs to you alone.
  • You pay for your digital application package easily and just once online.
  • All the documents from just €19.99 (until July 31,  2024: €10 discount for Berliner Sparkasse customers with code EXPAT10).

The Housy rental application at a glance

The Housy digital rental application includes: Your digital rental application bundles all your solvency data and proof of salary and rents into one clear PDF file. So potential landlords can find all the relevant information at a glance, page by page – and immediately have a positive impression of you.

Tenant self-assessment

Filled out online, it summarizes all the important data for the landlord – clearly arranged on one page, for your best possible first impression.

Proof of rent payment

Your online record of rent payments – no searching, scanning or getting bogged down. 

Salary certificate

Proof of your income without having to count on the cooperation of your employer – conveniently via online banking.

Proof of identity

Your verified proof of identity – so your next landlord can be 100% sure whom they are writing into the lease agreement!

Solvency report

The solvency report allows the landlord to digitally assess your financial security.

Create your rental application in just two minutes

Just three steps to your digital rental application – without searching, scanning or a pile of paperwork – we promise!

  1. Choose your payment method or voucher You can pay for your rental application easily via Klarna, PayPal or card. Paying by voucher? Then don't forget to say so during checkout! 
  2. Connect to your online banking just once Your bank account is the heart of your rental application. The algorithm filters out all the transactions relevant for your application just once – and of course with 100% GDPR compliance. 
  3. Get all certificates immediately Congratulations – your full, completed PDF rental application will go straight to your mailbox, ready to get you your new apartment!

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