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Online banking allows you to access your account 24/7 – easily and conveniently from a PC, smartphone or tablet.

In order to protect your account, many of the transactions require confirmation with a TAN (TransAction Number). You can choose whether you would prefer to generate your TAN yourself or to receive them by smartphone app. Simply select whichever of the different security procedures best meets your needs.

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Germany's most used banking app
Do banking on your smartphone or tablet and use numerous additional functions.

Online-Banking with pushTAN

pushTAN allows you to receive TANs on smartphones and tablets.

Online-Banking with chipTAN

Create an individual TAN for each order using a TAN generator and your Sparkasse debit card.

Tutorials in English

Find Tutorials in English

Do you need help with your online banking? Simply use our clear step-by-step instructions.

Need help with online banking?

Check out our online banking support. (In German - It's recommended to use the translation function of your browser).

Good advice

Our advisers are always at hand and happy to provide you with more information on online banking and the different security procedures. Allowing you to choose whatever best suits your needs.

Emergency number 030 869 869 05

Our emergency number for blocking any of your cards and Online-Banking access is available 24/7.

Safe and secure Online-Banking

All it takes to make your online banking as safe as possible is following a few simple rules.

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